Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tricks or Treats

This Halloween was awesome. The weather was so warm. It was 70 degrees. I was actually worried the kids maybe to warm in there costumes. I am usually trying to bulk them up underneath!! Collin was a mummy, Elyse Sleeping Beauty, and Leah Minnie Mouse. We went trick-or-treating through about half the neighborhood. I know we have enough candy to last us until Easter. This is the best Halloween we have had yet. The holiday season is just beginning :)


April said...

Holy moly, you guys could open a candy store!
This year really was the best Halloween yet :)

April said...

A couple more comments ...
Is that the laundry couch I see in the background?
Love it (and your blog music, too!)

PS - Do you know how to comment? Just curious :)